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Van Gogh Letter Example

Version 4.1.0

This is mainly a bug fix release based on user feedback, but also includes various enhancements and features new demos showing dynamic layout and custom translation alignment.

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TEI Publisher 4.0

eXist Solutions are proud to announce the final 4.0 release of TEI Publisher. This release is the next big step towards our vision of a tool which enables XML-savy scholars and editors to publish materials without becoming programmers or forcing them into a one-size-fits-it-all framework.

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Adding Templates to the TEI Processing Model

The two dozen behaviours defined by the TEI processing model are enough to cover most HTML output tasks, but other output formats like LaTeX may require more customization and control over the generated output. The newest version of the TEI Publisher library thus extends the processing model syntax with two custom elements for defining code templates. Read full article ...

Version 3.0.0

  • adds a visual editor for processing models. Watch our screencast to see a demo
  • support for formatting non-TEI documents (see the documentation, which is now in docbook)

Note: this version of TEI Publisher requires eXist 3.6.0.

Key Features


High Quality Editions

Publish your digital edition without writing code. Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in XML.


Single Source Publishing

Create HTML, ePUBs or PDFs from a single document and its associated processing model. No media specific stylesheets required.


Cross Media & Multidevice

TEI Publisher generates applications which work well across devices and include features like page by page browsing, search and cross-media export.


Lean Code

For developers, TEI Publisher heavily reduces the amount of custom code required by typical digital edition projects. Save thousands of lines on handwritten transformations and rely on maintained code libraries instead.

Publish your content in simple steps

1. Install

TEI Publisher is an eXist-db application. Install it from eXist's package manager in the dashboard.

Animation of installing publisher

2. Upload your file

Upload your own TEI files to view them, search them, play around with different styles.

Animation of uploading a file

3. Tweak the default rendition

Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in TEI ODD by mapping each TEI element to a limited set of well-defined behaviour functions, e.g. “paragraph” or “heading”. The specification includes a standard mapping (TEI simplePrint), which can be tweaked by overwriting selected elements. Create your own ODD and customise it to make the best out of your data. Watch our screencast to see how.

4. Export to multiple devices

Publish your data in various media formats without writing complex stylesheets. Rendition styles are transparently translated into different output media types like HTML, XSL-FO, LaTeX, or ePUB.

Animation of exporting the file

5. Generate your own application

Use the app generator to create your own, stand-alone web application, covering all core features like browsing, search and PDF generation.

Some demo projects built with TEI Publisher