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TEI Publisher

Using the App Generator

The App Generator takes an ODD file and generates a complete, standalone application out of it, including features like a simple search facility. Click on "App Generator" in the menu bar and fill out the form. The following form fields are important:

This is the main identifier for you app and should be a globally unique URI. It does not need to correspond to any existing web site.
The abbreviation will be used as the name of the root collection of your app. It should be unique within one database instance.
Data Collection
Only specify something here if you have existing data inside the database or if you want to ship the data set as part of a second, separate app. In all other cases, leave this field empty.
The user account which will own all application files. For security reasons, it is advisable to create a new account for every app.

Once you created the new application, log into it using the account details you provided. You can then upload XML documents using the upload panel in the right sidebar.

Create an App